Judy Shepard rejects Rep. Foxx’s apology

It would be easier for North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx to drive a school bus through a subway turnstile than to try and explain herself via an attempted apology.

Appearing on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, the mother of Mathew Shepard, Judy, said the Congresswoman was apologizing for semantics, not the sentiments expressed.

The bill ultimately approved by the House, after the debate in which Foxx’s remarks were made, would expand a federal hate crimes law to include acts motivated by sexual orientation. Mrs. Shepard was in the House gallery when Foxx spoke.

At this link you can find video of the Maddow-Shepard interview, a report NBC did last year on the tenth anniversary of Matthew’s murder, and who Keith Olbermann picked as the ‘worst’ on Wednesday’s Countdown broadcast.