Hillary’s RFK reference needs no comment from campaigns (updated)

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Sunday update: Hillary tries to explain herself here (again) and her fans have been quick to spread the word.  She still does not understand, perhaps because this is not the first time she has spoken about this (and in this way), why people might be offended!  At the very least, Clinton wants Obama’s hopes of the nomination to go down in flames.  It’s just not, as Maureen Dowd puts it, very elegant.

The start of a holiday weekend is usually a time for newsmakers to drop bomb-shells they hope no one will notice and Senator Clinton didn’t disappoint. However, this one will not die just because it’s Memorial Day – maybe precisely because it is Memorial Day! It’s got legs well into next week – and into June, since that’s the month she seems fixated on.

If only it was just more sleep deprivation which led to the latest blunder by Hillary Clinton (repeated, actually, and seemingly thought out if you listen carefully):

Hillary’s Foot? Meet Hillary’s Mouth.

To their credit, strategy-wise, members of the Obama campaign are letting the media express outrage, with campaign spokespersons giving Clinton ‘the benefit of the doubt’ that no offence was intended – as, indeed, she lamely tried to express during a follow-up event, going for the “sorry if I offended…” cop-out:

But, oh…Barack Obama’s handlers have no reason to touch this one at all as so many of us don’t need to be reminded of June, 1968. You can be sure the 40th anniversary commemorative specials are ready to roll out and, yes, RFK was shot while still campaigning in the primaries in June. That was Hillary’s only point – that June primary campaigns have happened before (her husband’s, too.)

If only she had stopped at Bill…

Keith Olbermann expressed the outrage of many tonight:

Here, then, are some of the things this comment was not:

-a signal to a deranged gun-owner looking for infamy

any inference that Barack Obama might not make it to November – but can you imagine how often that horrible thought has crossed the Obamas’ minds (and perhaps the Clintons’, too)?

-a direct comparison between her campaign and that of any Kennedy

-any comparison between the social unrest of 1968 and that of 2008 (especially at political conventions)

-deliberate rubbing of salt in the wound of our collective psyche in a week when Senator Ted Kennedy received such terrible health news

a compelling plea to be Vice-President or Supreme Court Justice

I would still take Clinton over McCain and so I have a tough time with all the vitriol – from Clinton Democrats – against Obama. I know there are Obama fans who might stay home, too, should his nomination somehow be taken from him but please give your heads a shake people. McCain???

And Hillary, you’ve won the white male vote in primaries. Please give up the idea that your second-place finish was about sexism.



Are you listening Hillary?

I hope the Clinton campaign, and the candidate herself, hear or read what Keith Olbermann had to say tonight.

The complete transcript is here and here it is from YouTube:

I found this blog as I was looking for Keith Olbermann’s commentary and replied as follows:

Well said! I have resorted to links to Keith Olbermann’s impassioned comment tonight because I couldn’t say it much better.

I have anticipated these elections, from north of the border mind you, for so long and while I am an Obama supporter there was a time when I thought I could be happy with either one of them as the nominee. Not any more. Mrs. Clinton has steadily dug herself in so deep by a lack of leadership which she so boastfully claims to have. Maybe she thinks we’ll believe it if she says it enough.

Nope, I will not be happy if Obama does not win this nomination and I would hope that America is so mobilized for change that his win in November would be easier than the 50/50 contests of the past.

 “Comments in RED” – I like that!

November will be here before we know it and, as hard as it once was to believe, there’s a grave danger that this is becoming John McCain’s election to lose!


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