Enough with the “honour killings”

Stop Honorcide!

As a gay man with HIV/AIDS I know of my condemned standing within the hard-line Islamist, Jewish and Christianist faiths. (I’m taking my chances, and feeling fine thanks, with liberal spirituality.)

What no one, however, whether in Canada or anywhere else in the world should tolerate is paternalistic violence and murder – almost always exclusively against women and children cloaked in “tradition” or law (Sharia and otherwise) or “Allah” or “God” or “G-d”. (I say almost exclusively because queers – across the gender spectrum – seem to remain fair game, with varying degrees of violence proscribed, condoned or tolerated, depending on the faith derivative, the location, and so on.)

Concerning the news of this day (insert “innocent until proven guilty” here) it is of only minor consolation that Montreal’s Afghan community is shocked.

While many of us wonder what we might do with our outrage, for starters, here are Linda Ahmed’s sites Muslims Against Sharia and Stop Honorcide!

I saw Raheel Raza on the news briefly tonight, an A-1 resource person I have had conversations with in the past/

I also saw Tarek Fatah in the same report.

Regardless of the shade of our pigment white ribbons each December do not stop male violence against women in Canada. Women and children are killed in custody battles or for countless other excuses far too often. I’m not meaning to pin more insanity on one religious, cultural or sexual homicide than another.

It hasn’t been that long since Ontario decided against adopting limited Sharia law, so we can’t be smug about this.

It’s 2009 across the world. Centuries of history and difference do not separate us. I just need to hear more outrage from every corner of the religious world against such brutality.

Please forward other web resources via the comments. I will post them here:

World Health Organization: Gender-based violence

U.S. Still in Denial on Gender Violence: Peter Daou

Afghan Women’s Organization (Toronto) – Healthy Equal Relationships