A major breakthrough in the still-mysterious (to me) web of HIV/AIDS research

I didn’t have the radio or television on Monday so I nearly missed this – what, to this layman anyway, has remained such a mystery since the early, crudest diagrams of the virus first appeared.

I am still doing okay on protease inhibitors Prezista (and one of the originals Norvir) and a nucleoside (yes it’s a nuke) reverse transcriptase inhibitor Truvada.

I was infected no later than 1989.

It nearly killed me in 1993 and 1994.

Protease inhibitors came along in 1995 and survival rates began to be lengthened, particularly among those who had had little treatment until then.

Further developments in medicines inched along.

I’m still here.

That’s my science – my personal, social science – around HIV/AIDS but I have always been aware that, no matter what I was taking, something better needed to be on the shelf when I required it. So far I still have an untapped class of drug to try.

This gives me more hope.

AIDS research has always – always – helped in the research of other medical conditions – so we might all share this hope.