Poilievre’s loose lips too close to ‘billions’ of misfiring brain cells

His normally booming voice hushed and his head bowed, Conservative school-kid Pierre Poilievre followed Principal Stephen Harper’s instructions today and apologized.  This apparently secured his position as a parliamentary secretary and the Principal gave him his Blackberry back.

The kid has made a habit of getting attention, bullying where necessary, always quick with an insult if it will get him on the news.

So, the morning of Parliament’s historic apology to survivors and family members of Indian residential schools, the whiz kid couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be on the never-controversial CFRA Radio in Ottawa:

His forced apology is not enough, although it seems to meet Prime Minister Harper’s standards. Like the much larger apology on residential schools, this one needs to be followed up with real change. I would suggest he spend part of his summer recess with the people of the Ardoch Algonquins and the Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium. Or maybe do a house-swap with a family for some vacation time in Kasheschewan or Fort Albany.

He might learn something.