Idealistic Pragmatist makes some sense of the polls

As I have commented to Idealistic Pragmatist, “The polls drive me crazy, the usual pithy analysis moreso. Thank you for taking the time to make some sense of what’s been going on and giving partisans a little hope that we’re not just pissing in the wind; that policy, not betting on horses, just might shape our country.”

I recommend I.P.’s thoughtful look at recent polling trends.

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I need daily, not weekly, encouragement from alternative media (updated)

The Liberal Saturday Star‘s political headline is Liberals enjoying `bounce,’ poll shows. That was online, chart included. After a few years without it I so do not miss home delivery of the paper version!If the Star copywriters were excitable the same can also be said for the press release scribes at EKOS, who conducted the poll.

Thank goodness for young, encouraging bloggers.

I need independent, encouraging Canadian lefty (but not always) news daily, or at least regularly, delivered as I set my morning coffee down beside my computer. Any suggestions to add* to this list?

briarpatch magazine
Canadian Dimension Magazine
Canadian Spectator*
Centre for Media Alternatives – Quebec
The Dominion
Dooney’s Cafe*
First Perspective and The Drum*
Independent World Television News
Peace, Earth and Justice News
Seven Oaks*
The Straight Goods*
The Tyee

Vive le Canada*

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