The quiet horror of residential schools

As good a starting point as any, as the full gravity of the truth begins to come out, points assigned according to abuses suffered:

“Repeated persistent anal or vaginal intercourse — 45-60 points. Penetration with an object — 36-44. Repeated, persistent fondling –11-25. Simulated intercourse — 11-25. Nude photographs taken — 5-10.”

“One or more physical assaults causing injury that led or should have led to hospitalization — 11-25.

“Permanent or demonstrated long-term physical injury, impairment or disfigurement, broken bones. Examples include severe beating, whipping and second-degree burning –11-25 points.

“Being singled out for physical abuse by an adult employee which was grossly excessive in duration or frequency and which caused psychological harms … — 5-25 points.”