If ‘video killed the radio star’…

All-news networks are killing broadcast journalism.

So, of course, we need this.

Watch Newsworld CBC News Network or CTV News Channel and you’ll see what I call news jockeys – personalities, like the disc jockeys of radio days, who intro and extro songs news of the moment, as told by someone else. Bonus points apparently go to CBC’s Heather Hiscox each time she inserts “today” or “this morning” into an item regardless of the time zone in which a story may have occurred or is occurring.

By attempting to make each ten-to-fifteen minute news segment seem like the most important thing you will see (until you next turn on your television), news jockeys lose perspective to the point where a live satellite feed from KSUX is taken as a helicopter flies over a dog zig-zagging in traffic or Air Force One is wheels up from Andrews Air Force Base.

It is laughable to imagine Sun newspapers being the backbone of a television news channel but whenever I read the comments pages of CBC or CTV I have no doubt that there are still a lot of would-be Toronto Telegram readers out there so watch for the worst radio call-in show hosts to start migrating even more to television.