Needing some healthy calories

I’m about 130 pounds soaking wet, about 59 kilograms. So I found out when I got weighed at my doctor’s today. The last place where I could possibily lose weight – my feet – now are like detox Reeboks (paper slippers). I swear my left shoe, tied as tight as I can, is still loose.  It would not be a problem were I not 6’2.5″ tall (what’s that, about 190 cm?)

This has far more to do with the events of the last weeks, and my crazy moods, than with HIV. (Fear not *Juanita*.) Besides I have always been thin, probably well below the ideal body mass index, too.

But this is ridiculous.  I should never lose weight, only gain!

I need to eat more. I need to eat healthy. I probably should see a dietitian again. But even if I know what to eat I have an aversion to the kitchen, other than the coffee-maker and the microwave.

It wouldn’t hurt to try a little resistance traning either, except that my repaired forearm and hip/femur can’t take too much.

This is childish.  I am whining.

I do like Wendy’s “Baconator” and I think I’ll go grab one now.

Then maybe a case of “Glucerna” (“Ensure” for diabetics) from the pharmacy.

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