Chicken Little’s economic droppings are mussing up John Baird’s hair!

What to make of John Baird’s histrionics before the Senate Environment Committee?

Not that we have not doubted the Harper government’s sincerity before now, but is an Environment Minister not supposed to be a government’s chief advocate for the environment? We thought Rona Ambrose had disproved that and that the Harpocrites were seeing the errors of their ways.

To hear Baird’s testimony on Thursday was to see this government’s completely cynical and transparent scheme to knock down the NDP-led opposition parties’ collaborative efforts to fix C-30 and to side with the industrial age fear-mongers who worry that too fast a conversion to a green economy will, what, advance Canada from being hewers of wood, drawers of water and makers of environment-killing, climate changing, fossil-fueled cars? We built the Canadarm, let’s build a few hundred thousand wind turbines!

Canada is already beholden, more than we ought to be, to Dickensian industrialists in China and elsewhere. Why should we not be at the forefront of creating industry to (a) clean up industry and (b) save the air, the climate, and the flora and fauna for the next generations? Saving the planet creates jobs. It’s more than a volunteer round-up for Earth Day!

This government, according to the finance, no wait, the environment minister is worried about a recession – way to raise the ‘r’ word John! Meanwhile it lacks the imagination to see beyond the next election!

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