The bells and whistles of Windows Live Writer

I’m test-driving a blog program from Windows Live which offers a few neat tricks the results of which I can upload to WordPress.

One of my favourite areas of downtown Toronto is the Gooderham Building and adjacent park.  A mural on the back of the building is a mirror image of the Perkins Building, located directly across the street.  The very public art was created by Canadian artist Derek Besant.  He employed the trompe l’oeil effect (“trick the eye”) which create an optical illusion that nearly persuades the viewer that we really are looking at windows and a giant tarp.

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Map picture
Map picture

 Wellington and Front Streets merge at Church Street and the former Gooderham Distillery’s “Flatiron Building” fills the easternmost part of the triangle.  This is the best time of year to see the mural as that tree in my photograph becomes quite flush with foliage in warmer weather.